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      The following pages are a sample of work that I have performed over the years for numerous companies and individuals, though many of the features or designs may match a single individual/companies needs it is simply an illustration of the type and style of work I do, all my forms look great and have a professionally done appearance, but the real heart of any solid database is the foundation design and the programming that maintains the information stored.

Many of these things are not obvious to the layman because they are not visible they only serve to perform a function that is required, many of these functionalities have taken years to collect and design therefore even though a project may take less time than expected it could be a result of many hours of previous programming, testing, debugging and evaluating the usefulness of the design.

      I strive to constantly learn and keep abreast of all current technologies and innovations put forth by the software industry. Please do not consider these examples as my only direction of design and implementation but more as a means of allowing you to explore some of the things that can be done with real quality programming and careful planning from the beginning, at the least I would consider most database projects to never be finished only brought to state of periodic satisfaction, then seeing the need to add more features as the awareness brings us to see the time that is saved thru the use of properly designed and integrated features.

      Please feel free to look over the sample screens I have prepared, these are only a small collection of the work I have performed over the years, many projects have utilized some of the latest technologies and features such as the Balloon notification designed using Visual Basic or Integrated File Upload/Download over a FTP internet connection, database reporting capability directly over the internet by providing a direct/secure database connection using a web based database connection. Email sending internal to the application, no need to exit to a external application such as Outlook.